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Prologue: "Mother From Another World"
EP 9. Prologue: "Mother From Another World"

A small prologue for the next chapters.

Oh dear!
Oh dear!

Are you ready 😏?


This is just some practice poster. Final poster will be released soon. We just wanted to share it .


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App Update!
App Update!

Some major feature updates on Strippy. Update the app to experience them. These are live on Android right now. iOS update will take couple more days. 1: New Look & Feel 2: Suggested Comics & Artists: Based on your comic reading activity, we will recommend more comics & artists to follow in feed. 3: Enhanced drag and drop while comic upload: Earlier some artists faced issues while readjusting the comic. We have made changes so that doesn't happen and now you can simply drag the images to desired location instead of long press and dragging. 4: GIF support: As per request, Gif files can also be uploaded now within comic. 5: Uploads will happen even faster 6: Notification button has been relocated to bottom navigation bar 7: UX improvements A lot more features and enhancements are coming with immediate next being push notifications for comment/subscribe activity along with better notifications management. Feel free to comment down your suggestions :)

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