Your competitor is your previous self
EP 1. Your competitor is your previous self

Read caption🙏❤️✨ Summary: while walking on the internet we see many people are uploading their status. We should definitely send them good wishes. But some of us also tends to compare themselves with someone's good status online. If that throught comes in you mind. You should remind yourself that, The only comparison you should have for being a better person is with your previous self Reason of making this comic : Most of the people are using social media in a daily basis. Some ppl ise social media for fun, to explore, to make friends and also for showcase their achievements and beautiful memories. There's nothing wrong with it. Everyone's life is different ; lifestyle, situation, opportunities. Everyone goes through hard time but most ppl only showcase the good moments. We should not compare our lifestyle and life opportunities/situation with anyone on social media. bcz end of the day it won't take you anywhere. And when it starts to affect you mentally and emotionally this becomes really toxic for some Hastags: #comic #msg #reminder #reality #art

A wild Child


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First day I saw you 💕
First day I saw you 💕

I remember the first day I ever looked into your eyes and felt my entire world flip🤭❤️✨

Part 2
EP 5. Part 2

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Should we do a qna on 1000?
Should we do a qna on 1000?

If yes drop your questions below! Let it be an art related question or story related or personal we will ans all! Hoping you all participate! - Love Moon and Luna Ps : I got selected in MNC☺

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