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Currently working on 2 series ! Authors : Neeraj M Manush B Insta handle : @boundary_poc @eleven_eleveen

No chapter this month ✨😓
Meet Sara from Eleven : Eleven
11:11 coming out tommorow 🥵🤝
All set for chp .6 of Boundary ✨
RIP Kentaro Miura sir ✨❤️
Boundary x Pubg poster !!
Summer is here 💪❤️
We reached 10k viewers on Webtoon
Our art's improving every second
Did a artwork on mizuhara ❤️
Do me a favour let's play Holi ❤️
Riyan's getting ready for chapter 5
Parth is coming again after 3 years
The Indian art in our manga
Happy women's day 👀♥️🦊
Our riyan fall asleep
Chp 3 releasing on the 18th
Indian waifu (2d) probably the first
Made a poster for a Yt video
Character art Boundary
After one day of posting our manga ❤️🇮🇳
India needs 6 runs of 1 ball 👀
Chp 2. of Boundary : The Poc is out
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