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Nothing but cynicism

So byeee
Hot people problems
When you make shit coffee
Dying alone is an irrational fear
Bold of you to assume I'd want kids
We all better off extinct
How assholes apologize
Damn he into cougars!
I've made so many friends
Annoying people be like
That one annoying person
Marriages now days
Real time advice right here
This is madness!!
Sing-a-long the Stupid Cupid song
Toxic positive people
Ah the age old indian Hypocrisy
When Strangers are proud of you
Why worry when you've got dowry.
What goes around comes around
Shut up Susan
You're not lonely, you're just horny
Cheesecake is the winner
I've seen it a lot.
Those dinosaurs were lucky
Umm, this is my everyday life
So lucky!
This Christmas was better without you
Nonsense advice
Just go sleep. They not worth it.
The only question on your mind
Anyone would be lucky to have me
New year, new disappointments
Time to run!
Rejection at its best
Susan needs to shut up!
Wait a sec, That's not Jerry!
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