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Kentaro yuuki









I am just a aspiring comic artist/manga artist and a writer too, also a newbie owo

Tried Billy Butcher digitally
Witch-king of angmar
New Coverpage
Poster for second arc of elder souls
Just a sneak peak of chapter 4 in Oct
The new cover of Elder Souls is here owo
Rage (page 2)
RAGE(page 1)
RAGE(cover page)
Just some pages from chapter 3 owo
Fight for the burger
Just a peak of chapter 3 owo
Happy independence day owo!!!
Guts from berserk fan art by me owo
Old Ragnar look like Ragnar lothbrok
First page of upcoming chapter 3
Screen shot Chapter 2 of elder souls
Sneak peek of chapter 2
Just practicing
Just another day another work
Armor concept sketch
The beginning of an end
Elder Souls:Darkness arises
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